Google PageRank improving is based on the value of your inbound links.

An authority site is a very high quality website building that is respected by knowledgeable people in its industry. It is a website that has content on it that is so good and makes the Web deign site so useful that people are actually glad they landed on it and want to share it with their friends.

PR is short form of Page Ranking. It is a grading system devised and adopted by google to rank the sites on the internet using a formula of their own.

Numbers are given from 0-10 with zero being the base and 10 is the maximum upper grade!

PR0 Indexed
PR1 Lowest Popular
PR2 Lower Popular
PR3 Low Popular
PR4 Popular
PR5 High Popular
PR6 Higher Popular
PR7 Highest Popular
PR8 Very Popular
PR9 Very Much Popular
PR10 Search Engines

Only according to my personal 5 years experience…

Google PageRank improving is one of numerous factors Google uses to determine the importance of a site and to decide if and where to rank it in their search results. It is based on the value of your inbound links. Google evaluates how many links there are to your site from other pages, and the relevance and quality of the linking sites.

An authority site is a very high quality website building

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